Lushus - Cold Clear
But he wanted to.
But she didn't want!
He wanted to.
She didn't want!
He wanted, she didn't!
He! She!
In his garden punished plants growing.
Lost, lost, innocence losing.
Kidney's are shrinking like, Like,
like she said before!
Your child's crying.
Tssssssss, tsssssss, your satisfaction!
Undercover movements smell,
smell dried shelves.
Cold clear summer!
Cold clear winter!
Cold clear water!
Cold clear!
Frozen feed, lifting up, whispering voice.
Spitting poison, but she'll never get up again!
Concrete head, staggered, false words justify nothing.
Fleshy hands forgot to feel, live in forgotten thoughts!
And if you're so pleased about yourself.
Why that huge racket?
You were the one, weren't you?
But he!

But he!