Lushus - You
Well i just sat here i didn't know if you want to blame that's yours.
It's always easy to search for your truth.
It's always easy to say it was you.
Getting the kick because i'm too nice or isn't it like that?
Getting the kick because of your space you can always find a lie.
Steeling. No!
Don't call it like that,
you are who you are it never changes!
If you really want to yes?
Maybe a little bit changing?
But not if you blame always the other.
Space it is always your space inside in yourself your own mind.
Never, never look farther than this!
Little space you know for yourself.
Come on! Climb!
Don't be scared!
Look over! Look at your fears!
Look at your own shit and shit on it.
Plant some flowers or just grass.