25 September 2010
Lushus - Barefoot Submitted by Richard Foster.
Oh my word, this is a marvellous LP, (beautifully & mysteriously packaged in the way all Katzwijm records seem to be) and one possessing personality by the bucketload. It's very, very reminiscent of the work bands like Maximum Joy or Ludus, (listen to Tied Up). Some tracks are outstanding and possess a fire and scorching attitude that is only too rare nowadays.

Things take a little time to settle down mind; the first couple of tracks - especially the grandiose opener Plastic are a little too eager to win you over and come on as a little bit too schizophrenic, sometimes over assertive, sometimes a little too frail. However once the LP does get into its stride there are moments of sheer magnificence; such as the mighty, brooding and rather kinky Zebra Striped which boasts a thunderous guitar riff (sounding not unlike those other Dutch guitar heroes, Katadreuffe)and Schave Nicht, a creepy tale that plods along in a very intriguing way.

One of the best things about this LP is its invention and restlessness. You really don't know what you will get, even after a couple of listens. In that respect Lushus do what Can did, create an enclosed world full of nooks and crannies that can be explored at leisure. There's no pressure to conform, and time does seem to slip by in a different way when you listen to Barefoot. Just try to get a handle on a track like Bending Knees which goes from drugged compliance to all out assault in seconds. It's also very sexy (there are lots of mentions to cross dressing and bondage).

A classic, I'd say.
source: Incendiary Magazine